Uganda and Israel: The History of a Complex Relationship

Uganda and Israel: The History of a Complex Relationship


During the 1960’s, Uganda was the African country in which Israel activities were the widest in diverse areas, including civil and military-security. Thousands of Ugandans participated in continuing education programs in Israel, and hundreds of Israeli experts were dispatched to Uganda.

In March 1972, Uganda’s President Idi Amin expelled all the Israelis from Uganda and severed diplomatic ties with Israel. During the course of the year and afterwards in 1973, almost all other African nations severed diplomatic ties with Israel. This was a difficult and painful blow to descend upon Israel’s foreign policy.

This book examines the development of the relationship between Israel and Ugandaas a case study of the changes that occurred in Israel’s relationship with African countries over the past 40 years however, the Ugandan vicissitudes were the most serious. The author examines the reasons that led to this situation and investigates the lessons that were learned and the lessons that still need to be learned from the bitter experience in Uganda in order to establish our relationship with African countries on a more stable foundation. The book provides an overview on Israel-Africa relations and the combined progression in the texture of the relationship between Africa andIsrael in general.

The author was involved in the development of relations with Uganda from the start and continued in dealing with the Ugandan issue within the framework of his work inIsrael’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, even during the period when diplomat relations were cut off. Oded took part in the efforts that brought about the renewal of relations with this country in 1994. The overview of the developments is based on his personal experiences and on first hand sources.



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