Abba Eban Centre

The Abba Eban Centre for Israeli Diplomacy was founded in 1992. It operates under the auspices of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace. The Abba Eban Centre for Israeli Diplomacy plays an important role at the Truman Institute. Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers, and policy makers from all over the world visit the Centre to be briefed by Truman scholars about current issues relating to the Middle East, including those involving Israeli-Palestinian relations, as well as, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Additionally, the Abba Eban Centre hosts lectures given by scholars and diplomats on topics related to foreign affairs and diplomacy to young diplomats, scholars and students.

The Abba Eban Centre was made possible thanks to the generous endowments and contributions from friends of Israel, including Mrs. Henry Gestetner,OBE; Lord Wolfson of Marylebone; Mrs. Vivien Clore Duffield; Morris Levinson; Sheila Robbins; the Joseph Mailman Foundation, th Blaustein Foundation; the John L. Loeb Foundation; Joanne Cummings; the Recanti Foundation; and the Rothschild Foundation.