נטושה לגורלה 2נטושה לגורלה  

Dr. Yusri Hazran  in his new book On the influence of the "Arab spring" on Arab society in Israel.



Why Arabs and Muslims Are at Loggerheads with Jews And Israel Prof. Raphael Israeli,  a researcher at the Institute, in his new book " THE INTRACTABLE DISPUTED"



Prof. Raphael Israeli published his new book : Retreating from the mirage of Multi-Culturalism? Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. 2018.Abstract

Ben-Dror A. Emirate, Egyptian, Ethiopian. The book tells the story of the Turco-Egyptian occupation of Harar  (Today in Ethiopia) and the Somali coast of the Red Sea basin during the latter part  of the 19th century. 2018. Syracuse University Press. 

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