Research Grants


Application Instructions:

The following documents should be submitted through the online application system:

1. Personal information questionnaire (application form)

2. Detailed budget (budget form)

3. Digital photograph

4. Brief cover letter to the Academic Committee

5. CV and a list of publications, in English

6. Abstract of the research proposal, in English, up to one page double spaced

7. Detailed research proposal: definition of the research goals, details of research methods, the stages of research, the timetable and the contribution which the study is expected to make,in Hebrew or English (up to 7 pages for an individual researcher and up to 10 pages for a research group)

8. Two letters of recommendation (e-mailed directly to the designated e-mail address provided by the system)

Research groups: All members of the group must complete an application form (ensuring to state that they are members of a group in the field at the end of the form), submit a digital photograph, a CV and list of publications, and an abstract of his/her own research within the group. The group leader should complete the budget form and submit a cover letter and the detailed research proposal. Two letters of recommendation are required for the group.

For further information:

Contact Andrea at the Truman Institute

Tel.: 972-2-588-2300 email:

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