Orna Cohen

Dr. Orna Cohen

Research Fellow
Orna  Cohen

Research Abstract

"Arab Leadership in Israel as a Bridge to the Arab World"

The proposed research will focus on the Arab leadership in Israel as an intermediary and bridge for advancing peace between the State of Israel and the Arab states and the Palestinians, since the outbreak of the first intifada in December 1987.

In light of the state of war prevailing in the region, on the one hand, and the efforts to reach diplomatic accords, on the other hand, the study will analyze the activity of the leaders of the Arab population in Israel and will examine whether they can promote dialogue and advance the prospects for peace or, conversely, whether their activity actually inflames the existing conflict. The research will also examine the impact of elements in Israel and in the Arab world on this activity.

The conclusions derived from this study will contribute to managing the ongoing conflict between the State of Israel and Arab states, and between Israel and the Palestinians. These conclusions are also likely to influence the views of the Israeli establishment and public vis-à-vis the elected representatives of the Arab citizens in Israel.

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