Dikla Cohen

Dr. Dikla Cohen

Research Fellow
Dikla Cohen


Dikla Cohen is a Research Fellow at the Middle East Unit of Truman Institute, The Hebrew University. Her current research explores reconciliation agreements between the Fath and Hamas movements during the years 2007-2017.

Dikla started her academic work at the Hebrew University in the editorial management board of JSAI- Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam. She holds PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from Bar Ilan University. Her Doctoral work is dedicated to the Islamic Jihad in Palestine and the unique ideology of Fathi al-Shiqaqi, the founder of this religious Palestinian faction.

Dikla Cohen is a regular media commentator for various radio and TV channels in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Dikla is allso a certified senior teacher for Arabic language and litterture and specializes in teaching youngsters 



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