Batia Siebzehner

Dr. Batia Siebzehner

Research Fellow
Batia  Siebzehner

Research Abstract

"Educational Discourse in the Age of Globalization in Latin America"

This project examines the global origins, the local interpretations and results of the recent educational reforms in Chile and Argentina, two countries with high income inequalities but with different orientations to the world economy.   As a mixed- method study the research is framed with the understanding that the impact of market ideologies in the educational realm must be approached while considering the meeting between constructed attributes and recent notions derived from such ideologies. Among the established attributes the study focuses on the state capacities of both countries when encouraging decentralization and privatization, two main movements influenced by global trends. It also deals with the extent to which endemic characteristics, such as clientelism, interfere in the expansion of the purposes of reforms.  The concept of childhood prevailing in these countries, upon which new learning contents and pedagogies are superimposed, will be also considered as an intermediating variable.  Quality assessments, which translate efficiency and productivity into measurable features, will be evaluated in view of international marks instituted by new educational platforms. The research will employ qualitative analysis, such as interviewing key figures, educational laws and projects and quantitative data such as educational spending and tests evaluations. By means of such methods the study attempts to elucidate the influence of the discourse of international origins on the national intentions and the local interpretations and actions of the actors upon educational outcomes. This path can contribute to understand the significance of educational changes in the economic and social development of marginal countries in the global process.

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