Aziz Haidar

Prof. Aziz Haidar

Associate Fellow
Aziz  Haidar

Research Abstract

"Israel's Demographic Discourse and Demographic Policies"
The subject of this research is to address Israel's demographic discourse and demographic policies. The issue of ensuring the Jewish majority has engaged politicians, from different camps, before and after the establishment of Israel, and the debate intensified after the war in 1967. Demographers presented the relevant and forecasts on the increase of Jewish and Arab populations in the coming years. These statistics formed the basis for the formulation of political positions and the debate on political solutions to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Since establishment of the state the successive governments have implemented Demographic policies and laws enacted and amended again in order to ensure the Jewish majority. Since 2000, the demographic includes Israeli Arab citizens of the state. This research (book) tracks demographic discourse in the Zionist movement and the State of Israel and examines the policies adopted by the State. The research examines the different attitudes, opinions and focus on the parties involved in the debate today, demographic and political solutions that result from this debate.


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