Latin America

Head of the Unit:  Dr. Mauricio Dimant

The Latin American Unit focuses on social, political and identity processes in Latin America within broader theoretical perspectives. The Unit holds regular seminars with local and guest lecturers. Fellows of the unit cooperate with colleagues abroad on a variety of topics, mainly in relation to the process of democratization, political participation of ethnic minorities and social changes particularly in the Southern Cone. Members of the unit have been working on civil society, collective identities, political changes, institutionalization of human rights, political exile, educational reforms and socio-economic policies.
The Latin America Research Unit orginizes each year, a series of lectures on Latin America countries and their relations with Israel and the Middle East in a wide variety of areas. 
Seminars and Forums of the Latin America Unit have included:
  • Forum on Jews and Diasporas in Latin America
  • Series of Lectures on brazil 
  • Forum of gender in Latin America
  • Forum of the Latin American Ambassadors
  • Ibero-American-israel Research Seminar