Mobility & Literary Narrative: Between Sudan and Israel


Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 4:30pm to 6:30pm


Round Room, 4th floor, Truman Institute, Mt. Scopus

A round-table discussion with Sudanese author Adam Ahmed,
on his story "Haj Sabor"

Wednesday, 17 January, 2018 • 16:30-18:30

Round Room, 4th floor, Truman Institute, Mt. Scopus

Adam Ahmed was born in Darfur, Sudan. He was displaced in 2003,
and spent three years in Cairo, coming to Israel in 2008.
He has since worked with the African community in south Tel Aviv at the Wadi Hawar center.
He has published two books in English: an autobiography titled The Nightmare of the Exile and a collection of short stories, The Voyage of Destiny.
His autobiography has been translated into Hebrew under the name From Darfur to Tel Aviv, and his short story "Haj Sabor" was published in Hebrew by Granta magazine.
He is currently developing "Haj Sabor" into a novel.
Copies of the short story are available on request from Maya Roudner,

For further details:
Moderated by Dr. Ruthie Wenske-Stern,
The Glocal International Development Program and
Davis Institute for International Relations
Closing remarks by Prof. Louise Bethlehem,
the Department of English and the Program in Cultural Studies

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