Past Events

  • 2017 May 28

    Christian Renewal Movements in the Global South in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Religious, Social and Political Transformations

    (All day)

    The explosion of new and diverse forms of Christianity across the Global South – mass conversions, emergence of new denominations, and revitalization within established churches – have been among the most staggering religious phenomena of recent times. The diffused Pentecostal and Evangelical movements, which gained prominence throughout the 20th century, have already reached a dramatic following of over half a billion. The Roman Catholic Church and the historical mainline churches have joined the fray with their own charismatic renewal movements.

  • 2017 May 23

    New Approaches and Questions in the field of South Asian History


    Abba Eban Hall, The Truman Institute, Mt. Scopus Campus
    8:00am to 6:00pm

    Roundtable discussion concerning "New Approaches and Questions in the field of South Asian History" with Prof. Gyanendra Pandey and Prof. Ruby Lal from Emory University, Georgia USA.







  • 2017 May 21

    Korean Diaspora and the Arts


    Beit Meirsdorf, Room 503 | Abba Eban Hall, The Truman Institute, Mt. Scopus Campus
    May 21 (All day) to May 23 (All day)

    A conference held by the East Asia Department of the institute on the topic of "Korean Diaspora and the Arts". The conference will deal with various aspects of the diaspora, including: identity, literature, migration and nationalism. It will take place on May 21-23, we will be glad to see you in the audience!

  • 2017 May 11

    Doing Fieldwork in Africa

    Registration Closed2:00pm


    Abba Eban Hall, Truman Institute, Mt. Scopus


    Doing Fieldwork in Africa: Rountable Discussion and Launching of the Book "The Fields in Africa"


  • 2017 May 07

    Democratization, Religion and the Pursuit of Peace in Africa

    May 7 (All day) to May 9 (All day)

    The conference  brought together senior leaders from both the political and religious spheres from across Africa, as well as academics from Israel and abroad. Through this encounter, the event facilitated a unique trialogue along the nexus connecting politics, religion and academic scholarship. Through these multilateral discussions, the event shed new light on the place of religion in socio-political processes—including democratization and peacebuilding—across the continent, culminating in concrete paths for action and new directions for scholarship.

  • 2017 Apr 30

    Talking Peace - Going to War

    Registration Closed 9:30am to 3:30pm


    Abba Eban Hall


    The Third International Truman Institute Discourse Conference