Yoseph Govrin

Amb. (ret.) Dr. Yoseph Govrin

Ambassador (ret.) of Israel to Romania, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia
Former Deputy Director General, The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Yoseph Govrin

Yosef Govrin is an Ambassador and Historian. He received his BA, MA and PhD degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Contemporary Jewish History and International Relations. He joined Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1953. His diplomatic service between 1953 and 1970 took him to Sydney (1956-59), Moscow, (First Secretary 1964-67), Buenos Aires (Counselor and Charge Affaires 1967-70). From 1970 to 1976 he wad Deputy Director of the Ministry's Latin American Dpt. and Director of the Central Institute of Cultural Relations between Israel and Latin America, Spain and Portugal. From 1976 he was Director of the Ministry's East European Dpt., after which he was appointed Ambassador to Romania (1985-89), Deputy Director General of the Ministry (1989-93) and Ambassador to Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and the UNO in Vienna (1993-95). Since his retirement from the MFA (1996) has been Research Fellow at the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He is the author of  55 Research Papers on Jewish Communities in the Diaspora, Anti-Semitism and Israel's Foreign Relations; Encyclopedia Entries, Book Reviews and the following books:

1. Israeli-Soviet Relations 1953-1967, from Confrontation to Disruption; Hebrew Magnes  Press, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1990. Awarded Israel's Prime Minister Prize for 1991; Russian, Progress Press, Moscow, 1994; and English Frank Cass Publishers, London & Portland, OR, 1998.

2. Israeli-Romanian Relations at the end of the Ceausescu Era; Hebrew, Magnes Press, 2001; English, Frank Cass Pub. London & Portland OR, 2000; Romanian, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2007.  

3. The Jewish Factor in the Relations between  Nazi-Germany and the Soviet Union (1933-1941) Hebrew, Magnes Press, 1998; English, Vallentine Mitchell Publishers London & Portland, OR, 2009. 

4. Israel's Relations with the East European States, From Disruption in 1967 to Resumption in 1989-91, Hebrew, Magnes Press, 2009; English, Vallentine Mitchell Publishers, London & Portland, OR 2011.

5. Reflections on my Mission as Israel's Ambassador to Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia (Magnes Press) Hebrew, 2016.

6. In the Shadow of Destruction, Recollection of Transnistria and Illegal Immigration to Eretz Israel 1941-1947. Hebrew, Beit Lohamei Haghetaot and Yad Vashem, 1991; English, Vallentine Mitchell, London & Portland, OR, 2007;  Romanian, Editura Hasefer, Bucharest, 2015.

7. Co-Editor of: Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The First 50 Years, Hebrew, Keter Press, Jerusalem, 2002.

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