Yoni Furas

Dr. Yoni Furas

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Yoni Furas

My interest lies in the history of mandate Palestine, the sociology of Palestinian knowledge and the cultural aspects of the Palestinian-Zionist conflict. In particular, I examine the evolution process of both national movements, the Palestinian and the Zionist, as inseparable from one another and as evolving through a constant dialogue, conscious or unconscious, with the national other. My D.Phil. (Oxford University, 2015) focused on teaching history in mandate Palestine. The study examined its role in the creation of a national identity or a collective consciousness within the colonial settings, and the manner in which the Palestinian-Zionist conflict wrote itself into the history textbook. My MA thesis, a political biography of Musa Kazim pasha al-Husseini (Tel Aviv University, 2011) is soon to be published as book. 

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