Ruthie Wenska-Stern

Dr. Ruthie Wenska-Stern

Associate Fellow


I am a literary scholar and Africanist, researching the linguistic heritages of colonialism and how they influence and shape daily practices and identities, particularly through the intersection between literature and education. Having spent several years in Uganda as a young adult has strongly influenced and inspired this research and my commitment to reach beyond disciplinary boundaries. My current project explores the intersection between literature and literacy through the lens of critical pedagogy, where I compare literary representations of education with discourse around the current bilingual educational reform in Uganda.

Academic interests: 

  • Contemporary African literature, particularly Anglophone literature and Realism
  • Postcolonial Theory and World Literature
  • Self-writing and the construction of collective identities through literary production
  • Critical Pedagogy, education and conceptions of literacy in Africa
  • Oral culture as part of the educational system, esp. in the digital age
  • Discourse Ecologies: textual representations in the public sphere

Current Projects: 

  • Literature and Literacy as Modes of Education: an African Literary Perspective. This project approaches the duality of literacy/literature through the exchange between literary theory and educational practice, by examining the ways in which textual representations relate to oral practices in the public sphere – from novels to spoken word poetry to classroom decorations.
  • Evaluating Education in Africa between Theory and Practice: A Case Study of Uganda. This project examines evaluations of the educational system in Uganda over the last decade through a dual perspective of discursive analysis and critical pedagogy.

Academic positions

  • 2018-2022: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities and Social Science, The Hebrew University
  • 2017/2018: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Glocal International Development Program / Davis Institute for International Relations, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  • 2016/2017: Adjunct Lecturer, University of Haifa, Department of English Language and Literature.
  • 2016: PhD in English Language and Literature, University of Haifa. Dissertation title: “’Maybe We Are Not Just Failing’: Unknowability in the Self-Writing of African Realism.”


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