Nir Gazit

Dr. Nir Gazit

Associate Fellow
Nir  Gazit

Dr. Nir Gazit teaches sociology and anthropology at Ruppin Academic Center, His expertise is in state violence, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, civil-military relations, and the sociology of space. His MA work focused on communal relations in Jerusalem and the rule of imaginary space in facilitating these relations. His doctorate focused on the behaviour of Israeli soldiers during Intifada El-Aqsa and on the Israeli policy in the West Bank. A major concern of his study is the Israeli border policy with the West Bank.  More recently, his has embarked on research in collaboration with Robert Latham from York University, in which they explore everyday interactions between Israelis and Palestinians and how these interactions change various spaces in Israel and the West Bank. His current research in Truman deals with the recent developments on the Israeli-Egyptian border and the reaction of various populations to the border events.

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