Michael Tanchum

Dr. Michael Tanchum

Research Fellow
Michael  Tanchum

Dr. Tanchum (Ph.d. Harvard) is a fellow at the Hebrew University's Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace where he was awarded a grant for the completion of his book on Islamist movements and their effects on the democratic development of five of the largest Muslim-majority societies in the world: Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, and Turkey. Dr. Tanchum's article "The Constitutional Consequences of the Failure of Intra-Religious Accommodation in Pakistan: Implications for Religious Liberty in a Religious Nationalist State," appears in the  the Journal of Law, Religion, and State 2:1 (May, 2013). He has also contributed a chapter to the book The Nation State and Religion: The Resurgence of Faith (Eastbourne: Sussex Academic Press, 2013) entitled "Sunni Sectarian Agitation as Means of Contesting the Nation-State in Pakistan: Implications for Islam and Liberal Democracy."  His  chapter  "On the Legal and Constitution Establishment of Islamist Extremism in Indonesia: Implications for Human Rights and Civil Society in Emerging Muslim Democracies," will be appearing in a book on Religion and Human Rights in late 2013. Other articles by Dr. Tanchum include: "Al-Qa'ida's West African Advance: Nigeria's Boko Haram, Mali's Touareg, and the Spread of Salafi Jihadism," Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs VI:2 (May 2012) and "Al-Qa'ida's New West African Map: Ançar Dine, Boko Haram and Jihadism in the Trans-Sahara," Tel Aviv Notes, Vol 6., No. 3.Dr. Tanchum also teaches about Islam, law, and state in the Middle East and Asia at theTel Aviv University School of Law.