Eitan Barak

Dr. Eitan Barak

Associate Fellow
Eitan  Barak

Eitan Barak completed his doctorate in Tel-Aviv University (Security Studies and Political Science) after having graduated magna cum laude in Political Science and The Faculty of  Law. Prior to joining the International Relations Department, Dr. Barak was a Fulbright postdoctoral grantee in the International Security Program at Harvard University and The Davis Institute at the Hebrew University.

Within the International Relations discipline Dr. Barak’s fields of interest include Arms Control and Disarmament (mainly in the Middle East), International Security Regimes, peacekeeping operations in the Middle East, and related Israel’s Foreign and defense policy. Within the International Law discipline his fields of interest are The law of Arms Control and The Law of Weaponry.

Dr. Barak has published numerous publications, inter alia, on the possibility of implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in the Middle East, Israel's policy towards the CWC, the feasibility of peacekeeping forces in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel’s freedom of navigation and overflight over the Straits of Tiran. Within the International Law discipline, Dr. Barak has published, inter alia, a novel book on the legality of flechette weapons and articles on the legality of cluster munitions. As to teaching , Dr. Barak teaches courses on Arms Control and Disarmament. WMD, and International Security Regimes, as well as courses on Israel’s Defense Policy and International Security Regimes in the Middle East within the Graduate program for Israel Studies at the Rothberg International School, The Hebrew University.

Dr. Barak‘s current research projects focus  on the impact of weapons-related treaty law on outsiders, The legality of the use of White-Phosphorus based smoke munitions following the 2008 Israel’s Use and the ensuing internal legal struggle (2011-2013), Israel and UNDOF following its 2014 withdrawal and the mix blessing of establishing security regimes in the Middle East.

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