David Zohar

Amb. (ret.) David Zohar

Former General Consul in Alexandria, Egypt
Former Director, The Gulf States Bureau and Peace Process Division
Former Minister, Delegation to UN General Assembly
David  Zohar

David Zohar is an Abba Eban Center Fellow and currently work at the Prime Minister Office, as a researcher in Israel State Archive. He holds a BA in Political Science and The History of the Middle East, graduated at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and he completed his MA in Political Science at the University Of Bombay, India. His research focuses in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies in general, and mainly in Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. 

Zohar Served in the Intelligence core of the IDF and work for many years in Public Relations including wrtiting and lecturing in many countries, as well as 40 years of service at the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs includind Various positions:

  • Assistant, Middle East bureau, member of Israeli mission to Israel-Syria Mixed Armistice Commission, January 1967 (Golan talks).
  • Second Secretary in Kathmandu.
  • Vice-Consul in Bombay.
  • Counsellor in Washington.
  • Consul in Los Angeles.
  • Consul in Houston.
  • Consul-General in Alexandria, Egypt
  • Minister, Oslo.
  • Minister, Delegation to UN General Assembly.
  • Researcher and Director, 3rd Arab bureau (Arabian peninsula, Iraq, Iran) at the MFA Centre for Political Research.
  • Director,Gulf States bureau (responsible for Israeli missions in Qatar and Oman) in the Middle East and Peace Process division, with rank  of Senior Ambassador.

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