Daniel Zisenwine

Dr. Daniel Zisenwine

Research Fellow
Daniel Zisenwine

Research Abstract

"Post-Revolutionary Truth and Reconciliation Efforts: Lessons from North Africa"

This study offers an in-depth look at how North African countries have initiated processes of Truth and Reconciliation following the popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes that swept across the region in 2011. It presents a detailed portrait of Truth and Reconciliation efforts in Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, and Algeria, providing a better understanding of these processes by closely monitoring their emergence, ongoing work, leadership, opposition, and overall influence on public life. Beyond gaining greater familiarity and analysis with current developments in the Maghrib, a region that remains understudied, this project carries broader ramifications that extend beyond North Africa. Its focus on the challenges and pitfalls of North Africa's truth and reconciliation efforts offers lessons to other societies in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa currently experiencing similar processes, or hoping to initiate them in the future.

Another aspect of this study is its expected contribution to the broader theoretical debate concerning Truth and Reconciliation efforts, in which the North African experiences are applied to existing theories about this process.  As much of this literature stems from Truth and Reconciliation activities in South Africa, alternative perspectives from other regions such as the Maghrib can expand the contours of the ongoing debate surrounding this topic.

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