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Dr. Amira Halperin

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Amira Halperin

Amira Halperin is an Associate Researcher at Truman Institute, The Hebrew University. She holds an MA in International Journalism and PhD in Communication and
Media from University of Westminster, UK. Dr. Halperin conducted pioneering research on older and newer media in the life of the Palestinians, both in the Middle East and in the Diaspora. She conducted individual interviews with Palestinians who immigrated from Gaza and the West Bank to Europe, and participated in their main social and political events. Amira has published on Muslim communities in Europe, Digital media, Diasporic media and on the Palestinian's major preoccupations (i.e., the right to return and the establishment of a Palestinian state).

Amira published the chapter "The Internet as an Initiator of Change in the Arab Public Sphere", a project of Netanya Academic College in collaboration with the European Union (2012) and the recent publication 'The Use of New Media by the UK's Palestinian Diaspora' in the book Journalism, Audiences and Diaspora (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015). Currently, she writes a book on the Palestinian's historical narrative and the current political challenges (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), and papers for various academic Journals.

Her recent presentation was at The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES) Annual Conference: Networks: Connecting the Middle East through Time, Space and Cyberspace, 'The Changing Muslim Community in Europe – New Challenges, Radicalisation, New Religious Perspectives and Counter Radicalisation', University of Wales, July 2016.

Amira has been working as a lecturer in few leading academic institutions, including in the International Program in Political Science and Political Communication at Tel- Aviv University, School of Communication at University of Westminster, and School of Communication at Netanya Academic College.

Dr. Halperin has been working in research for European Governments. She has been writing media articles and has frequent exposure in national and international media. In addition, delivering lectures in public forums.

Amira is a former Investigative Journalist and Television Correspondent. She worked in the UK at BBC Television longest running current affairs program –"Panorama". The stories she covered were related to Muslim communities in the US, UK and Israel. Previously, Amira worked as a Chief Correspondent at Israel Broadcasting Authority Investigative Program.

Professional Bodies:

Member of

  • Media of Diaspora Research Group (MDRG) at the University of Lincoln, UK.
  • Israel Communication Association (ISCA).
  • The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES).
  • The Middle East and Islamic Studies Association of Israel (MEISAI).

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