Amer Dahamshe

Dr. Amer Dahamshe

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Amer Dahamshe

Academic Background

Dr.Amer Dahamshy wrote his Doctoral thesis in Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was a Post -Doctoral fellow at Tel Aviv University between the years 2013-2015. He is a Lecturer in the Hebrew department at the Arab Academic college of Israel-Haifa, and a researcher at The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem. His researches focus on examining the connection between place and identity in the Arab-Palestinian culture, place names, local legends, literature and the presentation of the Hebrew language and the Arabic language in the landscape of roods and ways.

List of Publications


  • Amer Dahamshe (2017), A Local Habitation and A Name:  A Literary and Cultural Reading of the Arabic Geographical names of the Land, Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan,  Dvir,  Heksherim Institute, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: B'eir Sheve'a.

Books Editor

  • Remembering and Forgetting in Place-Naming Practices [: the Israeli-Palestinian Case?], The Cohn Institute for The History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Minerva Humanities Center, Tel Aviv University (in the process of editing).[With Yosef Schwhartz].

Published articles

  • Dahamshe Amer (2017), "Because of the Translation: 'The Novel Ikhtaia' and its Hebrew Translation as an Example for the Roles of the Place Names and Images of the Place in Literature",  The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute: Jerusalem.
  • Amer  Dahamshe (2014), “Between Defamiliarisation and Naturalisation - Arabic and Hebrew on Road Signs in the Galilee", Theory-and-Criticism, 43 ( With Liora Bigon,  forthcoming in 2014, attached Confirmation). [in Hebrew].
  • Amer  Dahamshe (2014) "An anatomy of symbolic power: Israeli road-sign policy and the Palestinian minority", Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 2014, volume 32 (With Liora Bigon), pp. 606-621.
  • Amer  Dahamshe (2014), The Hebrew Literature Curriculum  for Arab Students: From "a gate to Jewish Culture" to "an Impetus to Socio-Economic Advancement", Gilui Daat 6, pp. 67-96.[With Noami De-Malach .[
  • Amer Dahamshe (2013), "Jews in the Arabic Map: Hebrew Place Names Spoken by Local Arabs - a Literary-Cultural Reading", Jerusalem Studies In Jewish Folklore-Volume XXVIII, Jerusalem Studies In Hebrew Literature-Volume XXV, pp.715-736.  [in Hebrew].
  • Amer Dahamshe (2013) "Status, Gender and Cultural Values in Tales of Galilee Arabs", Horizons in Geography 83, pp.85-110. [in Hebrew].
  • Amer Dahamshe (2011), "Hebrew Translations to two Maqamat Of Al-Hamadani: Al-Maqama Al-Asfahania and Al-Maqama Al-khamreyah (The Wine Maqama)", Oettinger Ayelet and Bar-Maoz Danny (Eds.),  Mittuv Yosef – Prof. Yosef Tobi Jubilee Volume.  Bible, Medieval Hebrew Poetry, Modern Literature (Volume 1). The Center for The Study of Jewish Culture in Spain and Islamic Countries, University Of Haifa, Haifa. pp. 322-328. [in Hebrew].
  • Amer Dahamshe (2011), " 'Chutzot Zatounia of Odeh Bisharat' - Contemplation In literature, Syntax and Translation", Madarat 4, pp. 483-514. [With Ibrahim basaal and Ayelt Ottenger]
  • Amer Dahamshe, "Legend Analyses: ‘Water for The Guest’ (IFA 21882), ‘The Maiden and The Guest’ (IFA 21883), ‘The Grave Of Shiha Jamal il-Din’ (IFA 21884), ‘Tar-Shiah’ (IFA 21885)", in Dov Noy, Haya Bar-Itzhak and Idit Pintel-Ginsberg (Eds.), The Power of a Tale, The Jubilee Book of The Israel Folktale Archives, University Of Haifa, Haifa. pp.402-410.  [in Hebrew [

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