Clinic for Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Peace and Conflict Resolution Clinic, launched by the Truman Institute in October 2020, is being developed as a creative space for the innovation and dissemination of actionable knowledge promoting peacebuilding, with a focus on the Middle East.

It is designed to shape policy as well as academic research agendas related to peacebuilding by leveraging collaborative interdisciplinary engagement between academics and practitioners. The Clinic: (1) will strengthen the applied knowledge-base and tool-kits available to practitioners engaged in peacebuilding; (2) will provide academics with a window into the current state of practice; and (3) will train students, cultivating a future generation of academics and practitioners focused on peacebuilding.

At the core of the Clinic will be: (1) access to the interdisciplinary academic knowledge base of the Truman Institute and the Hebrew University as a whole; (2) a uniquely diverse practitioner group representing leaders from government including the foreign affairs and defence establishments, the diplomatic community based in Israel, philanthropy, civil society organizations, journalism and business; and (3) select students who will gain knowledge, practical experience and access to professional networks by their work supporting Clinic activities and through academic courses co-sponsored by the Clinic.

Primary activities of the Clinic will include working groups producing actionable policy recommendations, the preparation and use of case-studies to support institutional learning, roundtables, seminars and courses, participation in conferences, and collaborative research on peace and conflict resolution. These are all to be supported by publications in print and via digital platforms.

Founding director - The Truman Institute hired Daniel Sherman to design and direct the Clinic. Daniel has 25+ years of experience in a range of sectors relevant to the Clinic, including serving as a senior general staff officer in the Israel Defense Forces' Strategic Planning Division and as a consultant with Israeli peace-oriented civil society organizations.