Yakir Englander

Dr. Yakir Englander

Associate Fellow
Yakir Englander


  • Academic visitor –postdoctoral- at the University of Nottingham (June 2013-2015)
  • My current research is translating documents from Ibn Taymiyya's book ‘The rejection of the conflict between reason and revelation’) from Arabic to English with explanation, annotation and introduction.
  • My other positions include being a visiting researcher at the Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy at Ben-Gurion University where I am researching language policy in the context of the Arab Spring.
  • I was awarded a Ph.D. in June 2014 from the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Haifa University. My PhD focused on the ‘Legal discussions on the translation of the Quran from the middle ages until today in the Arab world and the non-Arabic-speaking Muslim world’.
  • Completed two Master’s Degrees.
  • Skills: Computer Literacy, Models of teaching, SPSS, metadata librarian through Dublin Core metadata.
  • For the last five years I have taught at a number of colleges, where I delivered courses in the following subjects: Arabic Language and Literature (with a focus on linguistics, Islamic studies and language policy) and advising/supervision of students in High Education about Arab and Islamic Historiography.
  • Voluntary teaching weekly Arabic grammar and conversational Arabic as a foreign language in Nottingham. Teaching on the subject of exegesis on the Diploma in Islamic Studies course in English run by Darul Arkam Educational Trust in Leicester UK.
  • I was a coordinator of teaching Arabic language in three levels: Upper-intermediate, Intermediate and Pre-intermediate, from 2010-2013 at Arab Academic Institute of Education, Beit Berl College and Miscellaneous Web Resources in Arabic.

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