Yael Ben David

Dr. Yael Ben David

Post Doctoral Fellow
Yael Ben David

Yael Ben David is a postdoctoral fellow at the Harry S.Truman Institute for the advancement of peace at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She completed her PhD in the sociology and anthropology department at Ben Gurion University. Her research focuses on the role of power relations and identities in inter-group conflict, and indifferent mechanisms that can foster acknowledgment in collective narratives and reconciliation among Jewish and Palestinian neighboring communities in the Negev.

For the past 10 years, Yael have been working with a variety of organizations in the social and educational field, consulting and facilitating processes of initiating a transformative action in the face of conflicts. Yael teaches at the conflict resolution and management program at the Ben Gurion University, and at the MA program for social psychology at the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology at the IDC Herzliya. 

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