Lior Herman

Dr. Lior Herman

Research Fellow
 Lior  Herman

Fields of Research Interest

International political economy, international trade, services, European Union, international organizations, governance, integration, the energy-conflict nexus.


  • Ph.D. European Political Economy, London School of Economics, 2010
  • MSc. In European Studies Research (with Merit), London School of Economics, 2006
  • BA in the Politics, Philosophy and Economics Programme (Pakam), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2002
  • BA in International Relations, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2002

Scientific Publications

  • Broude, Tomer and Herman, Lior., Domestic Regulation of Retail Food Distribution Services in Israel: The Missing Link between Food Prices and Social Protest, in Lim, Aik Hoe, and De Meester, Bart (eds.). WTO,
  • Domestic Regulation and Services Trade:  Putting Principles into Practice, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.(forthcoming 2013)
  • Herman, Lior., A Single Market in Healthcare Services by Stealth?, in Sion, Maya (ed.). 1989-2009: Taking Stock of East-West EUnification, Jerusalem: Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (forthcoming 2013)
  • Sauvé, Pierre.,Poulsen, Lauge, S., Herman, Lior and Graham, Edward M. (2009). Preferential Services and Investment Liberalisation in Asia: Implications for Switzerland, in Balastèr, Peter, and Moser, Chantal. (eds.). On the Path of Bilateralism: Issues and Implications, Vol. 1, Berne: SECO, pp. 183-328.
  • Harpaz, Guy and Herman, Lior. (2008). The Lisbon Reform Treaty (and the Irish No): Internal and External Implications, European Journal of Law Reform, Special Issue: The Lisbon Reform Treaty, Vol.10 (4), pp. 431436.
  • Harpaz, Guy and Herman, Lior. (2007). Approximation of Laws by non-EU Countries to the EU Acquis: Setting the Scene, European Journal of Law Reform, Special Issue: Approximation to EU Law, Vol. 9 (3), pp. 357-360. Tovias, Alfred, Kalaycioglu, Sema, Ruben, Ester, Dafni, Inon and Herman, Lior. (2007). Economic Cooperation Potential between the Mashrek Countries, Turkey and Israel, The World Economy, Vol. 30 (4), pp. 665-684.
  • Herman, Lior and Finkel, Evgeny. (2007). Application of Double Standards: Israel’s and Ukraine’s ENP Action Plans, Osteuropa, Vol. 2-3 (in German)
  • Herman, Lior. (2006). An Action Plan or a Plan for Action: Israel and the European Neighbourhood Policy, Mediterranean Politics, Vol. 11 (3), pp. 371-394.

Research Abstract

"Energetic Discord and Collaboration: Does Energy Trade Pull Israel and Palestine Together or Push Them Apart"

Does energy trade pull countries together, leading to greater cooperation and peace, or instead push them apart, intensifying conflicts or create new ones where they did not exist before? This is the question that motivates this research. While a great body of literature has been written about discord and collaboration in international relations, much less has been known of the particular role played by energy trade in its interplay with foreign policy. Past research addressing this issue has been largely inconclusive, focused at a single case study (German/European-Russian relations) and left a lot to be desired for. Examining the foreign policy-energy nexus in Israeli-Palestinian relations, a case study which has not been researched so far, will provide in-depth understanding into the nature of the interplay between foreign policy and energy trade and its peace and conflict manifestations.

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