Ibrahim Hazboun

Ibrahim Hazboun

Associate Fellow
Ibrahim  Hazboun

Research Abstract

"Journalism in Asymmetric Conflict: Experience and Practices of Palestinian Journalists in Private Local Media Outlets"

Focuses on the life stories of Palestinian journalists working for MAAN News Agency and the Palestinian News Network (PNN) and belong to the weaker side of asymmetrical conflict. The research plans to study the relationship between the national aspiration of Palestinian journalists and the professional standards of media. Also, the research is studying the experience of journalists who deal in their work with the attempts of influence and violations of human rights and freedom of speech. The research is conducted in the context of an ongoing volatile conflict, therefore, the researcher has took into consideration the differences between the "times of crisis” in contrast to periods that are characterized by routine news coverage of the conflict, acknowledging that during times of crisis certain narratives and dilemmas may come to the fore. Consequently, the researcher has started working on the research in stages starting with Palestinian journalists’ experiences and practices during the coverage of the war in Gaza in the summer of 2014.

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