Giora Eliraz

Dr. Giora Eliraz

Associate Fellow
Giora  Eliraz

Major Research Interests 

Modern Indonesia: polity, religion, society and culture. In particular,  state-religion relations, democracy-building, political culture, civil society, public discourse, Islamic discourse and streams of thought, Islamic radicalism and militancy, the Middle Eastern foreign policy. 

  • Southeast Asia and the Middle East  - comparative research and interaction between the two regions.
  • Egypt – the political landscape, state-religion relations, the intellectual discourse, moderate and reformist voices, Islamic radicalism and militancy.
  • Islamic radicalism and militancy – a global view with emphasis on Southeast Asia..   
  • Malaysia – in particular, state-religion relations.
  • Muslim minorities in Southeast Asia.

Research Abstract:

"Southeast Asia: The interaction between religion, politics, society and culture"

During the period 2017-19 I will continue to focus in my research work mainly on  Southeast Asia, aiming to varied issues related to the interaction between religion, politics, society and culture.  A particular interest will be given to Indonesia, a main axis of this region, that  illustratse both distinctive building of democracy  and a significant model of moderate Islam, including influential Muslim civil society, inspired by pluralistic and democratic values. At the same time I will continue to look at the Middle East for both a comparative and learning about the interaction between this region and Southeast Asia.

Current Academic Affiliations and Memberships

  • Research Associate, Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Affiliate Instructor, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, Seattle.
  • Research Fellow, The Institute for Counter-Terrorism, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya.
  • Modernity and its Critics in the Middle East: Reception of and Resistance to Enlightenment under ColonialismMember of a research group in Minerva Humanities Center at Tel Aviv University that focuses on:
  • Visiting Writer at the Forum for Regional Thought.

Past Affiliations, Memberships and Professional Positions

During 2008 Dr. Giora Eliraz  was a member of an international research group that focused on religious extremism in Southeast Asia and Australia. The group was established by The Center for Strategic and International Studies - CSIS, at Washington DC. Formerly, he was also  a Visiting Fellow at the Southeast Asia Centre, Faculty of Asian Studies at the Australian National University in Canberra, and Affiliated Fellow at KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies in Leiden.

Formerly, he taught at Tel-Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, both at the Department of International Relations and the Rothberg International School.  He ended in 2002 about 30 years of service in thr Israeli civil service (in the IDF and in the Office of the Prime Minister), and holds PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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