Group Members: Dr. Verena Krebs, Dr. Gregor Buss, Dr. Marlous van Waijenburg and
Dr. Yonatan N. Gez 

An interdisciplinary two-year workshop series focused on Africa                                                     
The continent of Africa is undergoing tremendous transformations. The former “heart of darkness” is increasingly labeled “the hopeful continent” and “the world’s next economic powerhouse”. It is not surprising, therefore, that in Israel, as elsewhere, interest in the continent is on the rise. Diplomatic relations are reestablished, economic and development cooperation is strengthened, and intercultural exchange is growing. 

In the Israeli academic arena, too, interest in Africa is regaining momentum, inviting a new generation of young scholars. The Africounters workshop series – supported by the Truman Institute – will serve as a platform for bringing together scholars who share common academic passion for research on the continent. Building on the basic notion of ‘encounters’ with and within Africa, the workshop will welcome participants from all disciplines, including, among others, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, economics, religious studies, history, political science and international relations, development studies, ethnomusicology, and archeology. Junior as well as senior scholars (from M.A. students to professors) are all welcome. Rather than being restricted to the Hebrew University community, the workshop will be open to everyone with keen research interest in Africa.

Participants will be invited to present their own research and to discuss current issues related to the continent. The topics for each session will be elaborated together with the participants. Meetings will be held on a monthly basis. Field trips throughout Israel, special events and a potential publication are envisioned. 


Please register by 1 November 2016, indicating your academic affiliation and research interests, at our email address:

Africounters’ introductory session will be held on Thursday, 10 November, 12:30-14:00, on the 4th floor, Round Room, at the Truman Institute, The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus. Prospective participants are highly advised to attend.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Africounters